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Moody Students

Middle school and high school are phases in a student's life to discover God, grow deeper in knowledge of Scripture, build intentional relationships, and live out the calling of Moody Students—to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Moody Student leaders know that students are busy and pulled in many directions, so they create fun, safe, engaging environments where students can come together to encounter the Living God and grow as deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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Moody Student groups

Crossover (5th & 6th grade)

Crossover is a place where 5th and 6th graders feel accepted and connected, enabling them to grow in their connection with God, other students, and Student Ministry leaders.

Middle School can be a unique time! Crossover is a place of acceptance where 5th and 6th graders CROSSOVER from Kids Ministry to Student Ministry. They can connect with God, their peers, and small group leaders committed to helping lead students closer to Jesus. In these two years, we are devoted to helping build a foundation of faith, character, and relationships.

Moody Students (7th - 12th Grade)

Moody Students provides a safe place to ask questions, develop friendships, and pursue Christ through worship, biblical teaching, and service.

This is an exciting, trying, and at times very stressful season. We help our 7th-12th grade students find a safe community in which to navigate these waters and prepare for what comes next. With everything we do, we are intentional about equipping and empowering our students to continue to live as disciples of Jesus into the 13th grade!

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sunday school

On Sunday mornings we meet from 9:30 am to 10:45 am in the Student Center. Sunday School is a place for all 5th-12th grade students to eat breakfast, connect with their friends, and read and interpret the Bible. Invite a friend and be a part of what God is doing through Sunday School!


Mid-Week helps 5th-12th grade students become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Every Wednesday night at Mid-Week, we eat, play games, engage in a large group discussion, and spend time learning about Jesus. Food and drink costs $3; the fun is free!!! Invite a friend and come be a part of what God is doing through Mid-Week.

Wednesday Night Hangout

The Student Center is open to all 5th-12th graders from 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm on Wednesdays. Come play air hockey, ping pong, or pool, or just hang out with your friends before we head over for dinner.


We want your church experience to be smooth and happy. If you do not see an answer to your question here, please reach out.

Do I need to stay with my child?

We would love for you to stay and volunteer, but it is not necessary. Please make sure we have your student registered with correct contact information in case of an emergency.

Do you have confirmation classes?

Yes! Confirmation is available for 7th and 8th graders. In addition, any high school students who have not been confirmed are welcome to join the class.

What is Confirmation?

Our mission at Moody Methodist Church is helping all people to know Jesus Christ, grow in faith, and serve Galveston and the world through love. Confirmation is a pastor-led series of classes designed to allow students to learn about their faith and the beliefs of the Methodist Church. After careful study, meaningful conversations, and prayer, students will have the opportunity to declare their beliefs. Confirmands who choose to join the community of believers as a member of Moody United Methodist Church affirm they will live out their lives through Jesus’ love. Membership simply means that individuals make a commitment to participate together in the ministry of the church. Every person who is a member has been baptized and has agreed to support the church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.